The aim of a grid photograph 

Photographs of our environment are frequently done with a motive such as family records, tourism or publicity.

A photographic grid aims to make a meaningful visual statement about an environment by adopting a systematic approach. What does this place look like? What does this place feel like? These are the questions being answered by a grid photograph. The grid imposes a system that may sometimes locate the picturesque but is just as likely to find the industrial, the rugged, the new, old, boring, threatening or just ugly. 

How a grid photograph is done 

1] A regular grid is drawn over an area on a map or plan.

2] Each intersection point on the grid is the location for a photograph.

3] A team of photographers is assembled and the locations shared out between them.

4] The team members visit their locations and take one or more photographs (usually a few, as an insurance policy).

5] The photographs from each location are gathered together and printed so that they are all the same size and shape.

6] The photographs are exhibited – arranged in a grid that matches the grid drawn over the original map.

Why Birmingham?

Because those involved in getting this photographic project started have a strong empathy with Birmingham. They either live there, grew up there or have some other strong connection with the city. Birmingham is one of the most interesting places visually and we want to play a part in a project that celebrates the fact.

Why the Number 11 Bus Route?

Defining Birmingham is not straightforward. The city boundary would make a project so big it would be virtually impossible to exhibit it. But the Number 11 Bus Route is a meaningful thing to many Brummies and was selected as our boundary for this project for that reason.

The 'Snap To Grid' exhibition in The Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax in 2004. This grid was completed by the students of The North Halifax Grammar School in 2003.

The expected outcomes of this project

• The photos will all be posted on this website.

• The photos will be published in a hardback book.

• The photos will be exhibited in a public venue.

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