Participant photos Thanks to all participants, without pictures!

The project was coordinated by Dave Allen, a former pupil of Moseley Art School, now a teacher of Graphic Design and Photography in Halifax.

Any intellectual rigor must be credited to Jerry Tew, lecturer at Birmingham University, who spent many hours debating the ideas and methods to be used.

The young people are thanked for their willingness to get involved: they took about one in seven of all the photographs.

Also thanks go to the members of the Moseley Art School Association (MSA) who, at their reunion in May 2007, volunteered to use their considerable skills. These participants took over a third of all the pictures.

 Adrian Bocking 13
 Alasdair Tew age 10 6
 Alastair Evans 3
 Bryony Lovell age 12 4
 Chris Empson 7
 Dave Allen MSA 31
 David Lovell 3
 David Nolan 4
 Dylan Bocking age 9 3
 Ellen Lovell 5
 Gemma Lovell age 10 3
 Graham Evans 11
 Helen Nolan 12
 Henry Allen age 10 6
 Indranil Pal 6
 Jackie Hodgson 6
 James Allen age 12 11
 James Tew age 12 5
 Jean Grahame 12
 Jerry Tew 17
 John Evans 19
 John Hill MSA 48
 John Mackay MSA 20
 John Pullan 11
 Karen Allen 2
 Maisy Bocking age 7 3
 Oscar Bocking age 10 3
 Robert Allen MSA 3
 Robyn Allen age 16 15
 Ron Carter MSA 17
 Stella Tew 1
 Terry Neal MSA 12
 Tony Empson 20
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