1 A
 Ken & Jean Grahame
 Off Sandbeds Road
1 B  Ken & Jean Grahame
 Junction Reservoir Road / Mt Pellon Road
1 C  Ken & Jean Grahame
 Off Church Lane, Pellon
1 D  Nathan Buckley
 Off Pellon Lane, opposite Dyson Road
1 E  Nathan Buckley
 Snake Hill Wood
  Photos on map 1 F  Nathan Buckley
 Shroggs Park, near Shroggs Road
  Photos - list format 1 G  Cathy and Mike Harper
 St George's Crescent
  Contact 1 H  Dave Allen
 Between Old Lane & Ovenden Road
  Northern Quarter Grid 2014 1 I  Pat Greenwood
 Woodside Road, near Woodside Place
  Eastside Grid 2010 1 J  Graham Wood
 Sunnyside Street, off Range Lane
  Brum Grid 2007 1 K  Graham Wood
 Range Bank
1 L  Nick Greenwood
 Off Bell Street
  Grid Project Home 1 M  Nick Greenwood
 Belgrave Mount
1 N  Andrew Ackroyd
 Off Godley Lane
Click on the camera to see a photograph. 1 O  Marc Hamilton
 Miniature Golf Course, off Old Godley Lane
2 A  Liberty Shaw
 Albert Drive
Total locations: 135 2 B  Dave Allen
 Albert Reservoir, Pellon
2 C  José Godoy
 Spring Hall Lane
2 D  José Godoy
 Dyson Road
2 E  Javeria Mir
 Behind Pellon Lane / Wadsworth Street
2 F  Dave Allen
 Snake Hill Wood, behind West Mount Vets, Pellon Lane
2 G  Jessica Rape
 Snake Hill Wood, Angel Road behind retail park, Pellon Lane
2 H  Jessica Rape
 Behind Beech Hill Primary School
2 I  Paula Wright
 Junction of Dean Clough & Corporation Street
2 J  Lizzie Collins
 Old Lane, adjacent to Dean Clough Office Park
2 K  Jessica Rape
 Junction Garden Street North / Spring Terrace
2 L  Oliver Robbins
 New Bank
2 M  Nick Greenwood
 Behind Horley Green Road
2 N  Andrew Ackroyd
 Park Farm, off Shibden Hall Road
2 O  Marc Hamilton
 Shibden Hall Road, near Cunnery Wood
3 A  Liberty Shaw
 Behind Albert Court, off Albert Road
3 B  Michael Bell
 Thrum Hall Business Park, off Albert Road
3 C  José Godoy
 Cul-de-sac off Clay Pits Lane
3 D  José Godoy
 Grassed area by residences, Battinson Road, opp Dyson Road
3 E  Mazaffar Asad
 Miall Street and Acorn Street
3 F  Marc Hamilton
 End of Bowman Terrace, Hanson Lane
3 G  James Allen
 Unused land between Raglan Street & Beech Street
3 H  Dave Allen
 Premises (yard) off Richmond Road
3 I  Dave Allen
 Salem Methodist Church, Richmond Street
3 J  Robyn Allen
 North Parade, Broad Street Plaza
3 K  Francesca Moore
 Bottom of Lister Street (cul-de-sac)
3 L  Dave Allen
 Land between Charlestown Rd & Mulcture Hall Road
3 M  James Allen
 Beacon Hill Road
3 N  Andrew Ackroyd
 Behind Beacon Hill Road
3 O  Jack Chamberlain
 Near Cunnery Wood
4 A  Liberty Shaw
 Dicken's Street, adjacent to Wellesley Park
4 B  Anna Taylor
 Spring Hall Lane, opposite Newstead Grove
4 C  Katie Harris
 The Green, Halifax Bowling Club
4 D  Mazaffar Asad
 Kashmir Park, off Jasper Street, Queens Road
4 E  Harry Ellis
 Works yard behind Adelaide Street
4 F  Mazaffar Asad
 Health Centre Car Park, off Lightowler Road
4 G  Javeria Mir
 Gibbet Street, opposite Madni Mosque
4 H  Javeria Mir
 Gibbet Street, near Clarence Street
4 I  James Allen
 Gibbet Street
4 J  Rhianna Thomas
 End of Gill's Court, off Waterhouse Street
4 K  George Ackroyd
 Marks and Spencer (inside)
4 L  Harriet Rowley
 Behind Halifax Minster
4 M  Anthony Duke
 Railway tunnel entrance, Southowram Bank
4 N  James Allen
 Beacon Hill
4 O  Karen Allen
 Long Lane, Beacon Hill
5 A  Anna Taylor
 Warley Road / West View Crescent
5 B  Robyn Allen
 End of Rhondda Place (cul-de-sac)
5 C  Mark Wright
 Pitch, Kings Cross Cricket Club, off Westholme Road
5 D  Aisha Hussain
 End of Harrow Street
5 E  Mazaffar Asad
 Between Hare Street & Willow Street, off Hopwood Lane
5 F  Aisha Hussain
 Lister Lane (Hopwood Lane end)
5 G  Robyn Allen
 Hopwood Lane, near People's Park
5 H  Karen Allen
 Junction New Bond Street and Hopwood Lane
5 I  Lily Willan
 King Cross Road, end of Carlton Place
5 J  Dave Allen
 Corner of Commercial Street & Alexandra Street
5 K  Harriet Rowley
 Blackledge, behind Horton Street
5 L  Anthony Duke
 Eureka! car park, near railway station
5 M  Liz Robinson
 End of Bailey Hall View, off Southowram Bank
5 N  Andrew Ackroyd
 Above Beacon Hill Road
5 O  Andrew Ackroyd
 Recreation Ground, end of Long Lane, Beacon Hill
6 A  Kate Ryan and Nick Throup
 Trimmingham Road
6 B  Kate Ryan and Nick Throup
 Mile Cross Gardens
6 C  Nick Greenwood
 Essex Street, off Hopwood Lane
6 D  Mazaffar Asad
 End of Summergate Place (cul-de-sac)
6 E  Javeria Mir
 Thomas Street South
6 F  Harry Ellis
 Calderdale College grounds, near wind turbine
6 G  Robyn Allen
 People's Park, near King Cross Street
6 H  Michael Bell
 Wellington Street West
6 I  Cathy and Mike Harper
 Balmoral Place
6 J  Tash Bentley
 Prescott Street
6 K  Jerry Tew
 Car park, off Union Street
6 L  Jerry Tew
 Waterside, near Nestlé factory
6 M  Jerry Tew
 Above Bailey Hall Road
6 N  Jerry Tew
 Beacon Hill, near Green Lane track
6 O  John Wasilewski
 Beacon Lodge Quarry, off Long Lane
7 A  James Sheard
 Willowfield Crescent (cul-de-sac)
7 B  Kate Ryan and Nick Throup
 Plane Tree Nest, near junction with Plane Tree Nest Lane
7 C  Kate Ryan and Nick Throup
 Junction Dunkirk Lane and Dunkirk Street
7 D  Jack Chamberlain
 Near M&M Autosalvage, Exmoor Street
7 E  Javeria Mir
 Outside St Paul's Church, West Royd Avenue, off Queens Road
7 F  Tash Bentley
 Grassed area Aachen Way, near Mayfield Street
7 G  Lily Willan
 Arden Road Social Club Building
7 H  James Sheard
 Savile Park Road near Savile Royd
7 I  Liz Robinson
 Central Park, near junction with Love Lane
7 J  Rhianna Thomas
 Caygill Terrace off Skircoat Road
7 K  James Sheard
 Shay Syke, outside Lightcliffe Nissan
7 L  Steve Rooke
 Off Water Lane near junction with Siddal New Road
7 M  Paula Wright
 End of Bennett Street (cul-de-sac) off Trooper Lane
7 N  George Ackroyd
 Blaithroyd Lane
7 O  John Wasilewski
 Off Common Lane, Bank Top
8 A  Tracey Kerridge
 Pye Nest Grove
8 B  Tracey Kerridge
 Pye Nest Road, near Rochdale Road
8 C  Tracey Kerridge
 Between Burnley Road and Rochdale Road
8 D  Tracey Kerridge
 Near junction Armitage Road & Wainhouse Road
8 E  Charlotte Willis
 Housing between Spring Edge South & Aachen Way
8 F  Mark Wright
 Moorfield Street
8 G  Charlotte Willis
 Savile Park Road, outside Bell Hall Garage
8 H  Mark McKay
 Queens Sports Club, car park beyond tennis courts
8 I  Cathy and Mike Harper
 The Gardens / Back Glen Terrace , Well Head
8 J  Charlotte Willis
 Heath Road
8 K  Graham Wood
 Car park, Elmwood Bus Garage, Shaw Hill
8 L  Graham Wood
 Near Hebble Brook and Whitegate Road
8 M  Caitlin Sagan
 Stoney Royd cemetery
8 N  George Ackroyd
 Off Higgin Lane, Bank Top
8 O  Steve Rooke
 Broadway, Bank Top
9 A  Katie Harris
 Pye Nest Road
9 B  Katie Harris
 Pye Nest Drive
9 C  John Wasilewski
 Fixby Avenue
9 D  Cathy and Mike Harper
 Junction of Gainest & Upper Washer Lane
9 E  Charlotte Willis
 Spring Edge, near Skircoat Moor Road
9 F  Michael Bell
Savile Park Moor
9 G  Charlotte Willis
Edge of Savile Park Moor, Free School Lane
9 H  Malcolm Downing
Savile Grange Housing, off Free School Lane
9 I  Jessica Rape
Heath Street, near Free School Lane
9 J  Jessica Rape
Hazelwood Court, off Free School Lane
9 K  Malcolm Downing
Spring Hall Playing Fields
9 L  Caitlin Sagan
Junction of Whitegate and Siddal New Road
9 M  Francesca Moore
Stoney Royd cemetery, near Whitegate Top
9 N  George Ackroyd
Higgin Lane, near farm
9 O  Courtney Halstead
Land off Pinnar Lane, Bank Top